Plenary Sessions

15th November Opening Session 

08.50- 09.10 Welcome addresses: Chaired by Kelly Thambimuthu, Chair of the IEAGHG ExCo

09.10 - 10.50 Keynote Talks

16th November 08.10 - 09.00 

17th November 08.10 - 09.00 

18th November 08.10 - 09.00 

14.00 -15.30 Final panel session: Driving CCS Forward in a below 2C World

With the Paris Agreement now close to ratification we are committing ourselves to achieving to temperature target of below 20C. We know that getting to 20C represented a significant mitigation challenge but going below that temperature target increases the mitigation challenge immensely. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been identified as a key mitigation technology option by the UNFCCC. The IPCC 5th Assessment report showed us that the least cost mitigation portfolio needs to include CCS and that most assessment models suggested 20C could not be met without CCS. We can therefore strongly assume that CCS will be more important in a below 20C world that that negative emission technology like BIOCCS will also be critical post 2030 should we not meet stringent early emission reduction targets.  CCS has not been deployed as quickly as we would have liked to date and we need to increase the momentum on CCS demonstration and deployment. The session amied to look at initiatives that are underway but also ask the critical questions; are we doing enough and what more needs to be done?


  • Thursday, 01 December 2016