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GHGT-13 Expert Review Panel

To review the abstracts submitted to GHGT-13, the Technical Programme Committee will set up a panel of experts in their fields to complete the process and assist in the selection of papers for oral and poster presentation.




Mohammad Abu Zahra Masdar Institute United Arab Emirates
Viktor Andersson Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
Peta Ashworth University of Queensland Australia
Merched Azzi CSIRO Australia
Stefan Bachu Alberta Innovates Canada
Niels Berghout Utrecht University Netherlands
Christian Bergins Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe Germany
Abhoyjit Bhown Electric Power Research Institute United States
Jens Birkholzer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory United States
Olav Bolland NTNU Norway
John Bradshaw CO2 Geological Storage Solutions Australia
Lynn Brickett USDOE - National Energy Technology Laboratory United States
Grant Bromhal USDOE - National Energy Technology Laboratory United States
Paul Broutin IFP Energies Nouvelles France
Anne Carpenter IEA Clean Coal Centre United Kingdom
Andrew Chadwick British geological Survey United Kingdom
Eric Chen University of Texas at Austin United States
Paolo Chiesa Politecnico di Milano Italy
Paul Cobden ECN Netherlands
Christopher Consoli Global CCS Institute Australia
Peter Cook CO2CRC Australia
Ashleigh Cousins CSIRO Australia
James Craig IEAGHG United Kingdom
Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol BRGM France
Robert Dahowski Pacific Northwest National Laboratory United States
Cassie Davidson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Netherlands
John Davison IEA GHG United Kingdom
Robert De Kler TNO Netherlands
Tim Dixon IEA GHG United Kingdom
Christine Doughty Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory United States
Anne-Maree Dowd CSIRO Australia
Arne Dugstad Institute for Energy Technology Norway
Andrew Duguid Battelle United States
André Faaij University of Groningen & Energy Academy Europe Netherlands
Eric Favre LRGP CNRS France
Paul Feron CSIRO Australia
Gustavo Fimbres Weihs Insituto Tecnologico De Sonora Mexico
Matthias Finkenrath Kempten University of Applied Sciences Germany
Kristina Fleiger VDZ Germay
John Gale IEAGHG United Kingdom
Earl Goetheer TNO Netherlands
Ward Goldthorpe The Crown Estate United Kingdom
Charles Gorecki Energy and Environment Center United States
Sally Greenberg AETI - University of Illinois United States
Peter Grubnic Global CCS Institute Australia
George Guthrie Los Alamos National Laboratory United States
Ina Havercroft Global CCS Institute Australia
Jonas Helseth Bellona Norway
Chris Hendriks   Netherlands
Amr Henni University of Regina Canada
Howard Herzog MIT United States
Ken Knottavange-Telleen   United States
Karl Anders Hoff SINTEF Materials and Chemistry Norway
Susan Hovorka Bureau of Economic geology, The University of Texas at Austin
United States
Timo Hyppänen Lappeenranta University of Technology Finland
Scott Imbus Chevron United States
Kenshi itaoka Kyushu University Japan
Daniel Jansen Former ECN Netherlands
Charles Jenkins CSIRO Austrlaia
Zoe Kapetaki Global CCS Institute Belgium
Alfons Kather Hamburg University of Technology Germany
Jasmin Kemper IEAGHG United Kingdom
Sandra Kentish University of Melbourne Australia
Jun Kita Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth Japan
Hanna Knuutlia Technology for the Earth Norway
George Koperna Advanced Resources International, Inc. United States
Satish Kumar Reliance Industries Limited India
Adekola Lawal Process Systems Enterprise United Kingdom
Yann Le Moullec EDF R&D China China
Juho Lipponen IEA France
Marcin Liszka Silesian Universiy of Technology Poland
John Litynski Geoscience Australia United States
Randy Locke Illinois State Geological Survey United States
Niall Mac Dowell Imperial College London United Kingdom
Anette Mathisen Tel-Tek Norway
Sean McCoy Carnegie Mellon University United States
Edward Menhert Illinois State Geological Survey United States
Karsten Michael CSIRO Australia
Tom Mikunda TNO Nehterlands
Christoph Müller ETH Zürich Switzerland
Ron Munson Global CCS Institute United States
Lars Nord NTNU Norway
Claus Otto Shell Australia Australia
David Pallarès Chalmers Univerity of Technology Sweden
Zhejun Pan CSIRO Australia
Lincoln Paterson CSIRO Australia
Dalia Patino Echevemi Duke University United States
Rajesh Pawar Los Alamos National Laboratory United States
Thijs Peters SINTEF Norway
Roman Pevzner Curtin University and CO2CRC Australia
Andrea Ramirez Copernicus Insitute, Utrecht University Netherlands
David Reiner University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Philip Ringrose Statoil ASA Netherlands
Traci Rodosta USDOE - National Energy Technology Laboratory United States
Wilko Rohlfs RWTH Aachen University Germany
Katherine Romanak Bureau of Economic Geology United States
Matteo Romano Politecnico Di Milano Italy
Stanley Santos IEA GHG United Kingdom
Günter Scheffknecht University of Stuttgart, Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology - IFK Germany
Jens Schippl Insitute of Technology Assessment (ITAS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Germany
Ji-Quan Shi Imperial College London United Kingdom
Gunter Siddiqi Swiss Federal Office of Energy Switzerland
Lee Spangler Montana State University United States
Rohan Stanger University of Newcastle Australia
Jochen Ströhle Technische Universität Darmstadt, EST Germany
Peter Styring The University of Sheffield United Kingdom
Hallvard Svendsen NTNU Norway
Emme Ter Mors Leiden University Netherlands
Sylvain Thibeau TOTAL France
Chiara Trabucchi IEc United States
Owain Tucker Shell United Kingdom
Sven Unterberger EnBW Energie Baden-WüRttemberg AG Germany
Martin Van Sint Annaland Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands
Jaap Vente ECN Netherlands
Sarah Wade WADE LLC United States
Peter Viebahn Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy Germany
Zikai Wang CO2CRC Australia
Krzysztof Warmuziński Polish Academy of Sciences Poland
Linglei Wei Shell (China) Projects & Technology Ltd China
Jost Wendt University of Utah United States
Vince White Air Products United Kingdom
Steve Whittaker    
Jennifer Wilcox Stanford university United States
Ton Wildenborg TNO Netherlands
Neil Wildgust Global CCS Institute Canada
Ziqiu Xue Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth japan
Paul Zakkour Carbon Counts United Kingdom
Ron Zevenhoven Åbo Akademi University Finland
  • Tuesday, 28 July 2015